Research arms join hands for Dokdo

The Northeast Asian History Foundation (NAHF) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, a sub-unit of the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) at the foundation building Friday.

Under the MOU, the two research arms will cooperate by sharing relative documents and information on on-going research projects, formulating countermeasures and carrying out joint research on Korea창�궗�꽓s cultural heritage items overseas.

창�궗흹Since we have a system to mobilize our respective expertise in the field into one, as well as joint countermeasures against Japan창�궗�꽓s further provocation, we expect considerable synergic effects in the future,창�궗혶 said Kim Hak-joon, president of NAHF.

NAHF conducts studies on Korea창�궗�꽓s history ranging from the ancient to modern period, including the Goguryeo, Balhae and Imna Nihon-fu periods, and bilateral relationships as well as sovereignty claims to Dokdo.

The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage also performs a variety of research and investigations for scientific conservation and the management of cultural properties, in particular, those scattered through North Korea and East Asia.

The two state-funded research organizations through the MOU aim to arrange more systematic countermeasures against Japan창�궗�꽓s distortion of historical facts and thus further secure Korea창�궗�꽓s identity.

source: The Korea Times


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