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After the fall of Goguryeo, a man from Goguryeo, Dae Joyeong, formed an army of the Goguryeo and Malgal (a Tungusic tribe) people, and settled eventually near Jilin in Manchuria, and there founded Balhae.

Balhae declared itself the successor to Goguryeo and soon regained control of most
of the former Goguryeo territory.
The ruling class of Balhae consisted mostly of Goguryeo people.
History of Balhae

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The Balhae was succeeding to culture of the Goguryeo.
King Mu(����, ����)(r. 718 - 737) sent Japanese King a sovereign��s message.
It said that we recovered old territory of the Goguryeo and we have same custom of Buyeo.
Most of the ruling classes in the Balhae area were Goguryeo��s people who were incorporated into Goryo after the fall of the Balhae.
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